Seoul cinema


Seoul cinema

Seoul Cinema has established by joint film company Ltd. Joint film company Ltd acquired the theatre in September 1978 as a film production company founded in 1964 and has replaced the cross in Seoul Theater. Publisher beautifully laid for events such as stage greeting and signing of the actors frequently.
Seoul Theater is quick at responding changing at times. Seoul Theater made an expansion in 1989 and the name was changed to Seoul Theater Town. 8 years later, in 1997, 4 theaters were opened additionally. They transformed into a multiplex with an early July opening. Currently operates 12 pavilion theatre, 4532 seats. Particularly, there is 2 large pavilion theatre that is up to 899 seats, Seoul Theater is one of the best scale theater in Seoul. Also It is still the symbolism as a representative of Jongno.
Now a days there are not may multiplex cinema chains left. The Seoul Theater is a well-known for representing the history of Jongno and Chungmuro. So the name alone itself, Seoul Theater gives a memory of vague nostalgia to people living in Korea nowadays.




59-7, Jongno-gu, gwansu-dong, Seoul



Operating Hours

08:00 ~ 24:00


Seoul Cinema is open 365 days a year

On Foot

5 minutes by on foot 

After 50m straight into the stream direction HOTEL NAFORE main entrance,

Turn left and go straight to the range direction cheonggye 3 street,

which is located on the left before you go in the direction of

jongno-3 street intersection.

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